Bring your kids to the Alamo Drafthouse for one of our specialized parties that guarantee an engaging and memorable experience!  Children's party pricing is available for guests under age 12.

Movie Cereal Party

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to just sit back and relax in your PJ's and enjoy our cereal buffet! This is one of our most economical packages, and is great fun for everyone!

Themed Party Packages

Do you find yourself saying "Your Majesty" every morning over orange juice? Does your little Superhero want to save the world? Have you been scared awake by the cutest monster in your bed? We can decorate the space and provide party favors to almost any theme for each kid to play with and take home! Costumed Hosts may be provided at an additional cost and require 3 weeks notice to source. (Ages 3-9 yrs.)


We also offer party options for guests that are too big for a kid party but not quite ready for prime time.  Check out these awesome ideas for a truly special celebration!

Video Games on Big Screen

Let’s be honest.  Kids love video games.  And they’ve never seen video games on a screen as big as ours.  Bring in your gaming system and favorite games or use ours for an awesome interactive party.  This one is fun for kids of ANY age (hint:  your husband’s 40th birthday is coming up…).

Alamo Movie Parties and New Release Screenings

We throw the rules out the window when the Alamo takes over the theater for one of our patented Movie Parties.  Your teen will love these truly unique events to celebrate their special day. Movie Parties take your favorite movies and add fun and interactive props and games!

  • Movie Parties take your favorite movies and add fun and interactive props and games!
  • Of course, no Alamo event is complete without props and a live game during the introduction.  Many of our Event titles are suitable for guests ages 12 and up.  Contact us for age-appropriate recommendations for the younger guests.  For a list of our current Movie Parties and Sing-along options, contact by clicking the Book an Event button at the top of the page.

New Release screenings are also available for private parties.

*Not all party options are available at all locations.*