From the very beginning, Tim and Karrie League envisioned Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as a neighborhood theater that brings the surrounding community together. As we've grown to a national company with over 25 locations, this remains one of our core values. Through all of our work, we seek to support organizations making a positive difference in our local communities, foster a love of film and cinema, and support our team members in donating their time and talents.

Above all, we want to thank all of our guests, fans and supporters - we simply couldn't have this impact without you.

Please note, due to our busy holiday season, we have closed out our donations for the remainder of the year. We will resume accepting donation requests on January 1.

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One year ago today, we took the deepest of deep breaths...and opened our doors to the public.

That moment came after a two-year labor of love as we worked to bring an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to Springfield.

And why wouldn't we? Springfield is an amazing place to live and work, and it was no coincidence or accident that it was our chosen Missouri community.

In the 12 months since we opened, we have learned a lot of valuable lessons, and we're grateful every day to our guests who hold us accountable and notify us when we have not given them the experience they deserve.

Because you see, our mission statement is simple. We want to make sure every guest has an awesome experience and is excited to come back.

We're the theater FOR movie lovers, and you guys ARE movie lovers, so it totally works out.

Because of you, we've expanded our signature programming. We've added Terror Tuesday. We've added Film Club. We've added Champagne Cinema, and Fist City, and Video Vortex, and we're looking at Weird Wednesday if there is interest. We'll keep bringing it hard with the movie parties, and we'll keep offering extras, like special guests for autograph sessions or Q&As post-film. We have decided to discount ticket prices for Video Vortex, Terror Tuesday, and Film Club titles. We started our Kids Camps and PBS Kids with 100% of donation tickets benefiting local Springfield organizations, and Family Parties, because sometimes you just can't find a sitter and you want to show your kids some fun anyway.

And we wouldn't have grown our programming so much without your input. We really do listen to you. Because, without you? We're nothing.

YOU bring the life. YOU bring the light. YOU bring the excitement. We can bring the experience, but it's the continued reactions of our guests that take it next-level.

When we think about the fact that we're turning one today, we take that to mean we're ALL turning one. - And turning one traditionally means an epic party. THIS party is so epic...that it's taking us 53 weeks to make it happen. So next Tuesday, June 26th, come on over, and let's have a thing where we turn this place into BLAZING SADDLES. Beginning at 5:00 p.m., we'll have games, bounce houses, contests, and our trusty camp cook stationed at the smoker turning out some quality grub. Our Backlot Taproom will, for one day only, be The Backlot Taproom Saloon. We'll have the comedic, musical talents of The Squirrel Chasers if you're into slapstick, and Jimmy Rea if you're into straight groove. At 7:30 and 8:00, we'll be throwing down with our BLAZING SADDLES movie parties. Whoopee cushions and cap guns? Yes, please! That's right. Next week, we're gonna party like it's 1874. And it won't be fun unless you're there.

OH! And one more thing: ALL day AND night on June 26th, all food and non-alcoholic beverages will be 50% OFF. HALF PRICE.

Happy birthday, Springfield. We really love living here with you.

Community Priorities

  • Education

    We support education through screening series like PBS KIDS, donating movie passes as incentives for students, and offering fundraising events for schools.

  • Access

    A trip to the movies should be accessible for everyone, so we offer open-caption and Alamo for All sensory-friendly screenings, discounted tickets for teens, and low-cost Kids Camp screenings for families.

  • Basic Needs

    We host clothing and food drives at our venues and support innovative nonprofits working to house the homeless. We also have a Family Fund to help Alamo team members in need.

  • Film

    We support film preservation through AGFA and arthouse cinema through Arthouse Convergence. We also offer discounts to independent filmmakers and frequently host youth filmmaker events.

  • Sustainability

    We strive to conserve resources through reusable food and beverage containers and by recycling and composting whenever possible. We partner with local breweries and use seasonal ingredients in our menu items.

  • Civic Engagement

    We offer our theaters for non-partisan community forums and issue-related screenings and discussions. We also partner with groups like the League of Women Voters to register new voters at our venues.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Something Weird is thrilled to be working with AGFA / Alamo Drafthouse. And I truly believe that Mike Vraney would be pleased with this collaboration knowing that the lost films he rescued from the scrap heap will be forever preserved and shown theatrically to new audiences. Lisa Petrucci, Something Weird
Students in our Film camps are intense young film fans, and Alamo's commitment to teaching the value of classic cinema and 35mm film preservation gives them knowledge they really can't get anywhere else. Our students were wide-eyed and wondrous when they were able to see their vision on the big beautiful Alamo screen. Marcelo Teson, Creative Action Youth Film Collective