TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK is devoted to the outlandish fringe films of the sleazy ‘70s and oily ‘80s, a time when rotting rural drive-ins and run-down urban theaters were catering to the wildest, most jaded thrill-seeking movie audiences in the world.  Today those theaters are gone, but the films live on – and we’ve got access to over three thousand of them in 35mm!  Yes, we actually project all this trashy goodness onto a big screen in honest-to-goodness 35mm film!  That means every month we search the deepest, darkest corners of the American Genre Film Archive to bring you the finest in ACTION!  And HORROR!  And CAR CRASHES!  And KUNG FU!  And STEWARDESSES!  And KUNG FU STEWARDESSES!  And…well, you get the picture.  TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK is the skid row cinema-going experience your mom warned you about.

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