Alamo Drafthouse and Heroes & Fantasies Partner in Support of CB4K

Comic Books for Kids (CB4K) provides comic books for kids in hospitals nationally. Select Alamo Drafthouse locations in Texas are partnering with Heroes & Fantasies to support the efforts of CB4K by donating all proceeds from a variant comic book that will be exclusively offered at select Alamo Drafthouse locations.

Taste the crazy richness.

Get the full CRAZY RICH ASIANS experience with swank bites, luxurious cocktails, and a first class feast, but only for a limited time.

Special Guest Rudy Youngblood comes to Alamo KC

Sunday, August 12th Rudy Youngblood comes to the Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City to talk art, culture, and film. Best known for his role as Jaguar Paw in the groundbreaking film APOCALYPTO, Rudy travels the world to spread his passion for art and the value of hard work.

Alamo Drafthouse x Let’s Play Gaming Expo

We've teamed up with Let's Play Gaming Expo for a 1-2 combo punch of awesome this weekend during the convention! Check out the special "Let's Play presents" screenings and promotional offers.