CARRIE Special Effects Make-Up Demonstration!

We have Stephen King and Brian DePalma to thank for ruining proms for popular kids for ever and ever! If you have ever been the butt of a class prank or the popular kids joke, you can most likely relate all too well with CARRIE and the torment she endured. This Tuesday we have a very special screening of Stephen King's classic starring Sissy Spacek. On top of this screening we will have El Paso's own special affects makeup guru Leti Pena and her lovely assistant doing a demonstration in our lobby! If you have always wanted a behind the scenes look at the process of creating one a character using the magic of makeup, here is your chance. We will have you ready for the most terrifying Prom night of your life! Visit Leti at her amazing boutique The Red Door Vintage for all things creepy cool, and beyond!