Still Alive: Richard Matheson

Every month we stop and appreciate a great badass still among the living. This month: Richard Matheson, possibly the most influential genre writer of the 20th century.

JUAN OF THE DEAD, Cuba’s first horror film, opens at West Oaks on Friday, April 6

JUAN OF THE DEAD is a film that not only gives a new coat of paint to the zombie genre, it pimps it out with flames and a pair of fuzzy dice. Written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, JUAN OF THE DEAD, or JUAN DE LOS MUERTOS as it is known in its native Cuba, is a live-action Loony Tunes cartoon given a syringe shot of zombie action.

From Stan Bush to Kenny Loggins, all your 80s movie music needs are met at April’s sing-along event

Music is an important part of a movie – there’s no denying that fact. During the ‘80s, though, music was the movie. So many films from the ‘80s are known just as much for (if not more for) their soundtracks as they are for their cast or plot. Where would Dirty Dancing be without “She’s Like the Wind”? Or “Top Gun” be without “Danger Zone”?