Attend high school during the ‘90s? Enjoy student tickets for TITANIC and AMERICAN REUNION

We’re offering student pricing tickets for TITANIC 3D and AMERICAN REUNION for any Alamo Drafthouse guests that attended high school during the ‘90s. If you went to high school around the same time TITANIC or AMERICAN PIE were originally released in theaters, we’re giving you a student discount on your movie tickets. It’s the least we can do to make up for the fact that this weekend's wave of '90s nostalgia caused you to wake up in the middle of the night longing for your old Tamagotchi.

Toasty! Join us for a Hecklevision screening of MORTAL KOMBAT this April

This April we’re giving you all a chance to give old Paul W.S. Anderson what for with two Hecklevision screenings of MORTAL KOMBAT. Your texted jokes will appear on the screen alongside the movie. This is your opportunity to really let loose on the career of Anderson – or, if you wish, defend it.

An Update on Our Seating Model Test

We got a lot of feedback from the "boarding pass" test and we listened to/read it all. We have a new plan going into effect on Friday, April 13th.

Feel the heat of open flames on your face at this April’s Action Pack screening of LETHAL WEAPON 2

Join us this April for two screenings of LETHAL WEAPON 2, the 1989 action film classic from director Richard Donner. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover reprise their roles as Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, two mismatched police partners who look past their differences and build a deep friendship that will carry them through four movies and a couple hundred dead thugs.