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You’ll Luuurve, Loave, Luff Date Night: ANNIE HALL

Lovers of Austin! The Alamo's new series, Date Night, offers an intimate and romantic dinner-and-a-movie scenario with gourmet cuisine. Our first event, for the mouthwatering CHOCOLAT feast last month, was a huge success, and we're pushing forward. Our second Date Night brings us ANNIE HALL, the classic romantic pairing of a jew and a goy as they hurdle through a 1970s Manhattan in their memories. The film perfectly captures every landmark in a relationship's trajectory, from first date and first kiss to meeting the parents, taking trips together, and even the fighting.

And while Woody Allen might not be the traditional matinee idol-type romantic lead, Dianne Keaton as the titular Annie Hall more than makes up for his nebbishness. Her beauty is matched only by her distinctive style, her tie/vest ensemble single-handedly defining a trend in fashion that still persists today.

With this tender film, Alamo Executive Chef John Bullington and Village Head Chef Brandon Hanna will be preparing a succulent menu to get you going. Drawing inspiration from the film, they've created this marvelous feast:

"I need it to get in the mood" A Blue Point Oyster with fresh garlic on the half shell with micro-arugula in champagne vinaigrette

Dynamite Ham Jamon Serrano, Prosciutto d’Parma, Jambon de Bayonne, grilled fig, smoked carrot-mustard glaze

Catch It If You Can Steamed Lobster on boggy creek arugula, caramelized tomato, truffled squashes in garlic-brown butter vinaigrette

We Hope Jew Like It Chocolate Blintz, Honeyed Cheese, Port Strawberries, cayenne pinenut

So, whether you're falling in love, already madly enraptured, or maybe just starting out, this Date Night: ANNIE HALL dinner is the perfect thing for your beating heart.

Date Night: ANNIE HALL - Alamo Village, Thursday August 26, 7pm.

Mon Chéri! Cara mia! Ohh la la! Le Alamo is bringing forth a whole new series designed specifically for lovers. Finally a safe place for sweet romance, tender embraces...all that stuff. Have a glass of wine, cuddle up, and celebrate your amour with some of the silver screen's greatest passions. We'll be dishing up a mini-feast with each film in this series, so that you lovers can come for a special date and enjoy a fabulous meal from some of the top Alamo chefs. For couples, for lovebirds, for hopeless romantics and for the casual friends that need a little pressure to get to the next level, this is your series.


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