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Yahoo! Movies announces Alamo & Mondo “Best of 2010” Posters

We've had a hell of a year, here at the Alamo, and I say that with a positive tone. With the companies joining, the first full year of The Highball, Badass Digest, Drafthouse Films and Four Lions, we've gotten a lot accomplished! Our in-house boutique, Mondo, has had quite a year as well, and Yahoo! Movies pointed that out this week. They've put together a list of the their favorite posters of 2010, and we think they picked a pretty solid collection. Check that out here!

Some of the posters they've chosen haven't gone on sale yet, though. One of those: the brand new TRUE GRIT poster by Aaron Horkey. The posters are due to go on sale today and you need to follow @MondoNews on Twitter to find out exactly when. These posters are limited editions, the Gold Print limited to 400 copies at $60 and the silver variant, limited to 110 and costing $120.

Most of you know that these posters sell in minutes, so if you want to get your hands on one of these beauties, man those Twitter stations (or just keep TweetDeck open ... or maybe set it to where Twitter texts you when Mondo posts the "ON SALE NOW!" and the frenzy sets in).

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