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WOLVERINE and STAR TREK tickets now available

starverineThat's right people, the summer starts NOW, and we have full on blockbuster fever.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE officially opens on May 1, and from what we've heard online, even the people who stole work print copies are banging down the door to watch Hugh Jackman shirtlessly claw through armies of lesser mortals.

We've got midnight shows at the Village and South Lamar on Thursday, April 30, as well, so head HERE for Lamar tickets, or HERE for Village tickets before they get all snikt up.

And for everyone who's been sad about missing the STAR TREK sneak peek a couple of weeks ago, you don't have to wait very much longer to get on board with the rest of us who are already declaring the new reboot 100% awesome for the franchise as a whole. Oh. My. God. Again, though, you should buy tickets ahead of time, because everyone who DID see it at the sneak is DYING to go through that experience again.

Midnights of that one start on Thursday, May 7, and you can get Lamar tickets here, or pick up some tickets to see it in the glorious new 4k digital projection at the Village here.

And from there on out, the summer is just a thrill ride that we can't wait to try to keep up with. Live long and prosper, bub.

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