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WILLY WONKA w/ cast in attendance - no Golden Ticket Required!

The Friday (11/11/11!), The Action Pack presents a very special one-night only WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY with the Wonka Kids in attendance!

WILLY WONKA w/ cast in attendance - no Golden Ticket Required!

Gene Wilder is Willy Wonka. PERIOD. No amount of remaking, re-imagining, or rebooting will ever top the playfully haunting performance of one of the world's greatest actors.  Seriously, this movie never stops being amazing. When you were a kid, it was all about how awesome it would be if you could eat a gummy bear the size of your face or drink from a river made of chocolate.  Now that you're older, you can get nostalgic about that stuff while also seeing all the creepy shining through the cracks of this fantastically fun movie musical. 

Well, The Action Pack is pulling out all the stops with this special one-night only return to the world of pure imagination. The biggest stop of all: the actual kids of this fantastical movie joining us live on stage before the show. Seriously! Veruca Salt! Violet Beauregarde! Charlie Bucket! and Mike Teevee! All together and all grown up! What are you waiting for? Just sign the contract at the bottom line… er, buy your tickets now!

WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY  w/ Wonka Kids in Attendance - Fri, Nov 11 at Ritz  BUY TICKETS


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