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We’re having a GREAT WEEK… thanks to Steve Buscemi, Eugene Hutz, Bud Cort and Slashfilm!

It's been a good week so far. We're all pretty worn out from SXSW and we came to work yesterday knowing we have a giant slate of events to look forward to. Yesterday was a pretty auspicious start.

The great Steve Buscemi stopped by to say hi to the crowd after our MILLER'S CROSSING feast. Steve Buscemi walking into the Alamo is like Shatner and Nimoy walking into a Star Trek convention. The audience went INSANE, yelling BOOOOO-SHIMMY!!! And according to Zack, he hung around to talk to everyone in the lobby afterwards, so - Steve Buscemi - nice guy. Watch this space for more about the surprise Buscemi appearance from Tim and Zack.

I wasn't there because I was down at the Ritz for the Music Monday presentation of the great doc PIED PIPER OF HUTZOVINA. Gogol Bordello leader Eugene Hutz was kind enough to stop by and introduce the film. He was very friendly, a great introducer, and an all-around good guy. He freaked out when he saw the Heavy Metal style Herzog shirt at Mondo Tees and he had to have it right away. On our way back to Stubbs we talked about Spaghetti Westerns a lot. He's a huge fan of Sergio Corbucci and DJANGO in particular! Thanks to Graham Williams of Transmission entertainment for putting us in touch with his folks.

Today, we are super excited about having Bud Cort in for three shows. HAROLD AND MAUDE is all sold out but there are a few seats left for the 7pm BREWSTER MCCLOUD (My favorite) and at midnight we'll be screening Bud's directorial debut, TED AND VENUS. Please join us if you can.

The icing on the cake today has been this slashfilm post that Matt Dentler sent us. Apparently Peter Sciretta likes our theaters. Thanks for all the kind words. We'll keep working hard at it.

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