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We’re celebrating this weekend’s full moon with a double feature full of fur and fangs

It's the 30th anniversary of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON this month and to honor John Landis' landmark horror-comedy, the Alamo Drafthouse at West Oaks is screening the film a double-bill with the original FRIGHT NIGHT. Besides the two movies, we've got a ton of fun planned for the night — including games, giveaways and all your favorite Graveyard Shift shenanigans. 

We’re celebrating this weekend’s full moon with a double feature full of fur and fangs


Funny things happen on a full moon. Whether it’s insomnia, insanity or just indigestion, the lunar cycle has been blamed for more superstitious malarkey than a dozen black cats taking turns smashing mirrors while huddled under a ladder. The Alamo Drafthouse isn’t a cowardly and superstitious lot, though. Instead of locking our doors and lighting some candles whenever the full moon pokes its pimply face out in the night sky, we embrace the weirdness that trails behind it. That’s why this Saturday we’re moving our monthly Graveyard Shift series up a week to celebrate every werewolf’s favorite celestial sphere.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, a film that many (including myself) would point to as the greatest werewolf movie ever made. While it’s not like there’s been a lot of great werewolf movies, AMERICAN WEREWOLF manages to set the bar pretty high for its sub-genre. Beautifully blending horror, comedy and just a touch of tragedy, John Landis’ film is a watermark of the ‘80s horror movement. It managed to break into mainstream popular culture and, for many people, has forever linked the song “Blue Moon” to the image of a half-naked former Dr. Pepper spokesman writhing on the ground as he sprouts fur and fangs.

We at the Drafthouse knew it would be a crime to let the anniversary of such a magnanimous film go by without paying our dues to the colossal dent it left on pop culture. That’s why, on the night of a full moon, we will be screening AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. But, because we believe in going all out for a special occasion, we’re packaging the film with another classic ‘80s horror-comedy staple: the original FRIGHT NIGHT.

That’s right, before you head out to the theater on August 19 to see Collin Ferrell sink his fangs into some teenage kids, you’ll have the chance to see Tom Holland’s classic film on the big screen.

With two great horror movies present and accounted for, you’d think we’d call it a night, right? Well, that’s just not how we roll at the Graveyard Shift. The evening’s two movies are just the beginning because we’ve got enough awesomeness planned for this Saturday, you’re going to be howling in excitement.

Arrive early for the event because we have some goodies to give away while supplies last — including swag from Dreamworks’ FRIGHT NIGHT 3D remake such as posters and temporary tattoos. We’ll also be giving away a few other surprises but it’s first come, first serve for the night.

Between the movies, we’ll keep you energized and alert as we march into the witching hour with some games and contests — including your chance to drive a stake through one of those sparkly TWILIGHT vampires (every horror nut’s dream, right?).

Bone up on your vampire and werewolf trivia while you’re at it because we’ll have another installment of Trivia of the Living Dead hosted by Ain’t It Cool News writer Alan Cerny and 8th Dimension Comics & Games. The winner will walk home with our last FEARnet swag bag. Our good friends at Rotten Cotton will also be on hand to give away some of their awesome t-shirts as door prizes to a few lucky guests.

Tickets are going fast so guarantee a seat for yourself by pre-ordering your tickets online. You don’t want to be left outside smoking a cigarette underneath the hungry moon because the event is sold out.

Saturday, August 13 @ 8 PM — West Oaks


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