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Watch the Dismember the Alamo Bloodshots Winners

Tuesday night the Alamo Drafthouse screen was graced with funky bass licks, silly hillbilly accents, undead skateboard tricks, luchadores with suits, gratuitous zombie sex scenes and plenty of low-budget fake blood. If you are someone like me, or if  you ARE me, when you read that last sentence you are reminded that the Alamo is the best movie theatre ever. Yes, Tuesday night we screened the semifinalists of our Dismember the Alamo BloodShots 48-Hr Filmmaking Challenge, and there were some doozies! Over the weekend of October 15th- we assigned over 60 teams from all over the country a random genre, a weapon and the line “I’m losing my edge” then let them run wild making a short zombie movie! Metacafe has been kind enough to pick up some of our favorite shorts and showcase them on their site as part of their Shocktober series.

It is with great delight that I present to you shorts featuring shotguns, musical montages & zom-bros !

Watch the First Place winner: “A Zombie Too Far” from Team Nirofex. Genre: Bromance. Weapon: Lead Pipe.

Watch the Second Place winner: “Not Home Alone” from David Davidson Productions. Genre: Evil Children. Weapon: Shotgun.

Watch “Sandwiches” from Big Chillidog Productions. Genre: Bromance. Weapon: Hair Dryer.

Our friends at FEARnet were kind enough to supply pretty raging prizes packs that included cash money and plenty of microwavable popcorn among other things, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to the screening, especially those of you who participated in the challenge!

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