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Vlog: Shoot ‘Em Up with Live Human Targets

So that word "vlog" has been around for a long time now, but it still sounds sort of lame. I think in the future when I've got a video blog entry to post I'm just going to give you the word "video" before the real subject line. You already know that it's a blog post, because you're looking at our blog reel online; it's just the video that's an extra feature not in every post, so that's all you need to learn in a quick snapshot view, right?

Anyway, this vlog is for the Shoot 'Em Up premiere party we had at the Alamo Village a couple of weeks back. We sent Caitlin Stevens up with a camera and asked her to capture the violence as we had the entire audience pile out of the theater and into the alley around the side to shoot at live human targets and a toy baby. It was just your run of the mill shooting spree until Tim League got suited up and went out to be a target... Check it out:

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