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Ultimate JAWS Floating Roadshow on sale Wednesday!

JAWS!!! on Lake Travis! Fri, July 2 - Tickets HERE!

The most legendary Rolling Roadshow event in history is BACK!

We've been doing Rolling Roadshows for years now, showcasing the finest films under the night sky in glorious 35mm, and Austin has been home to many of our very greatest events. But when people reminisce about Roadshow history, one show comes up without fail: The Ultimate JAWS Experience!

Well, we're fearlessly returning to the depths with a full-scale white-knuckle no-babies FLOATING JAWS SCREENING where YOU can watch the most terrifying aquatic horror film in history while adrift on an inner tube (supplied by us) in beautiful, deep, dark Lake Travis. We hereby guarantee the most heart-stopping screening on Earth, with a few added surprises to make sure you're awake and alert.

This event is limited, and considering the 2004 screening was the movie event of the year, we recommend you nab those spots quick! Tickets go on sale Wednesday June 16 at noon HERE!


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