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Trapped in the Closet DVD Release Party!

Hey, check it out, I totally got quoted in the New York Times! Hollah!

Seeing as how the Times is the paper of record and I was quoted in their story on Trapped in the Closet, I like to think that that makes me an official piece of the R. Kelly story and a true Trapped scholar. And from this lofty, breezy perch I feel that I have the authority to tell you that YOU HAVE TO COME OUT TO OUR DVD RELEASE PARTY FOR THE NEW CHAPTERS!!!

Because... seriously - there are now 22 chapters of this insanity and (not realy a spoiler but an alert nonetheless) it still doesn't end!!!!!

If you want to ruin the screening for yourself, you can watch some of the chapters online at, but personally, I'm remaining a Chapter 13 virgin until midnight on Monday night when I can see it in all its glory on the big screen at the South Lamar theater.

Wanna join me? Tickets are totally free, but you can reserve yours by prepurchasing a DVD of the new chapters from Waterloo Video on our website at this link. If there are any seats left on the day of the show, we'll be letting them go on a first come, first served basis. DO NOT MISS OUT. This is the party of the month no doubt.

Hot mess! Remind yourself where we left out by rewatching Chapter 12 now:

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