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Trailerthon: All trailers - all night, baby. Sunday!

42One of the profound joys of our lives is watching trailers. So much goodness in a compact little package, kind of like an entertainment munchkin but ultimately a lot more helpful. Maybe I don't have time to watch the whole movie right now but I can watch little snippets of the best moments, backed by a cool song, with a narrator keeping my attention span focused and - BINGO I've just crammed 90 minutes of relaxing entertainment into a minute and 58 seconds. I got to see that helicopter explode but I didn't have to wade through all the tiresome exposition leading up to it.

That's what makes our TRAILERTHON the greatest entertainment value in the entire course of human history. It's like watching 40 movies in a row with absolutely all the fat trimmed out. And these aren't just some trailers we picked up off the street, these are the Crown Jewels in Alamo founder Tim League's collection.

And we're not the only ones who think so. Synapse DVD, which puts out the famous "42nd STREET FOREVER" trailer DVDs thought so too. So we teamed up with them to put together our "perfect storm" TRAILERTHON. We painstakingly selected the trailers, sequenced them for maximum explosiveness, recorded a commentary and boom, it's on the shelves now and the reviews are out of control.

That's why, as a very special treat, we are going to string up the actual film trailers and run them for you. Some of these trailers are for films you know and love, some are for movies that no one has seen in thirty or more years. And since these are the actual trailer elements you'll be seeing, you'll get all the grime, all the splices, and all the magic you can handle. From kung fu to insane kids' movies to softcore porn: do not miss this orgy of fun!

Tickets cost the same amount you would pay for a regular-ass movie but this is so much more. Not only that, but if you buy the DVD from us, we'll let you in free. That's $15 bucks for a great night and memories that will last until the end of recorded time, and then some!

Join us for the 42nd STREET TRAILERTHON Sunday Nov 1 and Sunday Nov 8 at the Ritz.


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