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This Ain’t Your Step Father’s Piano Dueling

On July 11, a new age in Dueling Pianos is starting, a push forward in the schlocky musical tradition usually associated with "Stand By Me" and "Tiny Dancer." STEINWAY TO HELL: The Dueling Pianos of Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopschinski is going to revolutionize what it means to have two pianos against each other.

The co-artistic directors of the Golden Hornet Project, Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopschinski, don't want to play smooth hits of the '70s for slightly-drunken convention goers who want the excitement of 6th street without all of those darned young people in their form-fitting zebra-print dresses and gelled up blow-outs. Rather than offer a respite from the chaos, STEINWAY TO HELL embraces it with badass chords and melodies with aggression, sophistication, and style.

Offering up songs by Stravinsky, Journey, Ellington and more, Reynolds and Stopschinski will duke it out at Pete's Piano Bar on 421 E 6th. This is an extreme piano battle, with ear-pulsing music, trash talk, and sin. Be there.

Tickets are available at the Golden Hornet Project website.


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