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The World According to Tommy

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"You can laugh. You can cry. You can be silent. Just please don't hurt each other." -Tommy Wiseau

Only you have the key to THE ROOM, at least that's what Tommy says. It's a private place only you can go, or you can take someone with you if you'd like, or you can go in alone if you want to, or you can go someplace else, it's up to you. The enigmatic nonsense magnate and occasional cult sensation Tommy Wiseau seems to have all the long as the question is being asked with utter indifference toward helpful or meaningful or intelligent insight. "Just have fun"- carved in stone and displayed prominently in Tommy's personal Room, right next the awkward, certainly nonessential framed portrait of a spoon.

Centuries from now, an advanced species will uncover a copy of THE ROOM buried deep beneath the surface of the Moon. Millennia ago, our primitive ancestors innocently touched THE ROOM and then learned how to use tools. It simply is and always was, and there is only one certain fact- it can not be unmade.

I'm not going lie, THE ROOM probably isn't for you- and that's said without any knowledge of who you are or what you like. But for the rare breed of us out there who find in Tommy's little film something oddly substantial, if other-worldly, we can watch it over and over and over again, like humming OM, searching for that tiny spark of Tommy's enlightenment. Maybe it was just a silly accident, or maybe, like he so aggressively tries to convince us, he really has absolutely no clue what's going on or even where he is. Maybe. But there it is- THE ROOM. It's worth a look, that's for sure. And there's no better place in the world to enter THE ROOM than in a theater full of both the enlightened as well as the unsuspecting. The beer helps too.

THE ROOM plays this weekend at the Ritz. You should go.

Tommy Wiseau actually stopped by the Ritz a few weeks ago to share a few of his homespun (although we still don't know where his home is) yarns. See what you're getting into...

Very special thanks to ColdTowne Theater for opening my eyes.

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