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THE RUNNING MAN screening promises cap guns, explosions and cheesy ‘80s one-liners

On Saturday, November 26, indulge yourself in the finest of '80s action movie excess with a pyrotechnic-packed, trigger-happy screening of THE RUNNING MAN at the Alamo Drafthouse - West Oaks. Watch as Arnold Schwarzenegger tears Richard Dawson a new one in this ultimate of prophetic reality show satire. 

THE RUNNING MAN screening promises cap guns, explosions and cheesy ‘80s one-liners

Are the current crop of reality shows becoming stale and boring? "Real Housewives of Atlanta" just not doing it for you anymore? Good news, America — in six years we’ll all get to watch “The Running Man,” a hot new show about criminals forced to run for their lives as they are hunted down by trained killers. It’ll be like if “The Amazing Race” had a baby with “Survivor” and that baby was raised by Hannibal Lecter. Are you excited? Are you pumped? How can you possibly wait six years, right? Well, guess what? You don’t have too!

This November we will be screening the 1987 action film THE RUNNING MAN, a prophetic look at the distant future (well, 2019 to be honest) — where the hottest thing on the airwaves is a glorious tribute to violence, muscles and that most Austrian of action stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

THE RUNNING MAN is Arnold Schwarzenegger at his most Schwarzeneggerist and for our one-night-only screening we’re pulling out all the stops. You’ll get cap guns to shoot along with the movie at the bad guys (or good guys, if you want to be a prick about it). We’ll have live explosions in the theater (what’s an Arnold Scharzenegger movie without pyrotechnics? The answer is JUNIOR and nobody wants that). And we’ll have sub-titled some of the best one-liners in the film so you can shout them out along with the movie.

This is a night of action packed manliness so potent everybody who leaves the screening will be sporting hair on their chests. So stock up on razors, practice your best Arnold impression and make your way down to West Oaks on Saturday, November 26 for THE RUNNING MAN. Or we'll send Jesse Ventura after you.

Saturday, November 26 @ 10 PM — West Oaks


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