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THE MASTER, Most Anticipated Film in Years, Opens this Friday

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest is nearly here.

THE MASTER, Most Anticipated Film in Years, Opens this Friday

Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER finally opens this weekend. Even now, before its national theatrical release, THE MASTER has stirred up one of the biggest movie controversies in years, been called a masterpiece, and broken attendance records in its limited opening weekend. It is the one movie that everyone agrees you must see on the big screen. Austinites are fortunate enough to be able to see THE MASTER in 70mm at the Ritz. It is the only engagement in the south on the larger, sharper, clearer 70mm format. Paul Thomas Anderson himself arranged to have a special 70mm print of the film made for the Ritz and it is jawdropping.

In short, THE MASTER is one of those movies you cannot miss. If you foolishly take a pass on its theatrical run, not only will you miss one of the best films of the year (and decade, and millenium perhaps), you will miss out on some of the most interesting conversations with others who have seen it. This is a film that is provocative on many levels - interpersonal, psychological, historical, as well as cinematic. You won't digest it fully in the theater. It will haunt your thoughts for weeks afterward.

It will win multiple Oscars and deserve them. Your descendents will watch THE MASTER. Books will be written about it. It will become part of the fabric of culture.

Paul Thomas Anderson is our generation's leading film artist and he is just getting to the wide part of his talent. THERE WILL BE BLOOD was an exciting expansion and broadening of his message, but THE MASTER is something else again - a big, expansive epic about small gestures and hidden feelings; a physically beautiful stunner, and the repository of some of the best screen acting we've ever seen. You'll never forget THE MASTER.

Click here to find out more about THE MASTER and buy tickets for it. Buy tickets for the special 70mm engagement at the Ritz here.


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