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The Japanese are like that…

Winter fills me with giddy childlike enthusiasm.  It's not Christmas, Hanukkah or a big Thanksgiving turkey that does it for me.  I get excited around this time because it's SUPER HAPPY FUN MONKEY BASH time.  Each year for the past 7 years we've assembled a new collection of the strangest oddities that we can cull from Japanese television.  You'll see A-list American celebrities pimping themselves out for cheap Japanese products, bawdy situation comedies, extreme pro-wrestling, bizarre anti-flatulence products, nonsensical English phrases, supreme goofiness, and lots and lots of foam rubber costumes! Back by popular demand, we are showcasing a new clip from Gomez, the primate anchor of the much-beloved Chimpanzee News Network (CNN) as well as extended clips from the professional wrestling debut of Hard Gay. As with past editions of Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash we'll feature prizes and giveaways at every show.

Check out our YouTube Channel for teaser clips from this year's show as well as trailers from current and past Monkey Bash shows.  Start marking the days in your pocket calendar until the happiest time of the year, Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash Day!  The first show is this Saturday, January 3 and tickets are on slae now!

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