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Heroes aren't born. They're built. And they're built by spending hours in the dark with Robert Downey Jr. on May 2.


Five years ago, Iron Man was a blip on pop culture. Ask your average person who he was, and they probably said “That one rock song” or “Isn’t it a marathon or something?”  He was what geeks and movie studios called “a third tier superhero” and only those who faithfully read their comic books knew the saga of Tony Stark.    But all that changed thanks to the determined fandom of Jon Favreau, the snapping charisma of Robert Downey Jr., and four little words that closed out one of the most exciting origin stories we'd ever witnessed: "I am Iron Man."   Thanks to the success of Tony Stark's first chapter, we now have an entire Marvel movie universe.

For a generation of movie goers, IRON MAN now means summer, and to kick off the season, we’re hosting an IRON MAN MARATHON that begins on Thursday, May 2, at 1:30pm.    This is the entire “first run” of Tony Stark’s adventures, so enjoy the ride as he progresses from self-professed superhero to a card carrying member of the Avengers.  At 9:15pm, we’ll see what happens to a cocky superhero after he’s saved New York with an early screening of IRON MAN 3

The IRON MAN MARATHON will be hosted by the terrific people from Denver Comic Con and Starland, who will be bringing their own surprises and energy to our event.  Don't worry, the MARATHON won't be just a test of fan endurance.  This is a party! Between each film, we'll be having games, trivia, contests, and giveaways.  Before we unveil IRON MAN 3, we'll be having a costume contest.  

In addition to our MARATHON, we'll also be screening IRON MAN 3 in 2D at 9:15 and 12:01

We encourage all Colorado superheroes to attend in costume! If you’ve been battling the Chitauri all night, and only have the energy to strut at our costume contest or catch an IRON MAN 3 screening, you’re still welcome to join us.  This is a night for fans, and we want you to participate however you choose. It's going to be all Marvel, all over the Drafthouse, all night!  

Please note: If you want to compete in the costume contest, please arrive and be dressed by 8:30! And the earlier the better so that everyone can see you!

Despite all our superheroic happenings, life at Alamo Drafthouse Littleton will continue as normal.  For those with the thirst of Thor and Tony Stark combined, our box office will be serving drinks for you to sip in the lobby, or carry straight into the theater with you.  Our full food and drink menu will be available inside the theater for all the IRON MAN events.  Simply pop up an order card, and our team of SHIELD trained servers will be at your table to deliver anything you require to keep your fighting spirits up.  

Our lobby tavern, Glass Half Full, will also be open for business, and our entire Drafthouse menu is available within.  You never need a movie ticket to stop in and order up a Tony Stark whiskey sour, or fulfill a craving for a burger and fries.    The next time you save a major city from an alien invasion, come by Glass Half Full, and we'll make sure you're taken care of. 

Tickets for the IRON MAN MARATHON and our early peek of IRON MAN 3 are on sale now.  Don’t let the Hulk muscle you out of a seat.


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