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THE COLOR WHEEL: A New, Sincere, Must-See, Black & White Independent Feature Film by Alex Ross Perry

Alex Ross Perry's THE COLOR WHEEL opens on Saturday, August 4th at The Ritz!

THE COLOR WHEEL: A New, Sincere, Must-See, Black & White Independent Feature Film by Alex Ross Perry

I saw Alex Ross Perry's THE COLOR WHEEL for the first time exactly one year ago today. It stopped me dead in my tracks when I did precisely because it was unlike any other film I had seen in recent memory. Witty in uncompromising ways that few films typically are and heartbreaking in a singular, specific way that I never expected any film to be. Like the best and most memorable films, you find yourself still thinking about it hours, days, and weeks thereafter. For all these reasons and many more, I am beyond thrilled that we will be playing Perry's film Saturday, August 4th (1:30pm) and Sunday, August 5th (4:45pm) at The Ritz, with daily 10:00pm showtimes to immediately follow at our South Lamar location from August 6th until the 9th. 

THE COLOR WHEEL is an honest and sincere portrait of two estranged siblings, Colin (Alex Ross Perry) and J.R. (Carlen Altman), who by their own reticent admission are ugly individuals; not particularly motivated twenty-somethings in search of success and happiness in life, but hardly willing to make the effort necessary to achieve such lofty goals. Colin is a would-be aspiring writer, who prefers the mundane security of his focus-group job to the "pathetic" quality of being an aspiring anything because it has "a negative connotation." Like Colin, J.R. is similarly in pursuit of her dream job as a broadcast journalist, but lacks the talent or will to make it come true. The story begins when J.R. asks a confused Colin to help her move out of her ex-lover's apartment, which sets them on a tragically, uncomfortably hilarious road trip -- as much a trip towards self-discovery for Colin and J.R. as it is doomed and cursed from the very outset.

In a mere 83 minutes, THE COLOR WHEEL makes you laugh, takes your breath away, and exposes the fragility of two sad sack protagonists who fear change, fail to admit it, and so embrace stasis. In so doing, they find each other in the middle and siblings who at first seem like strangers to one another become closer than ever before. You don't have to take our word for it, though. The New York Times' A.O. Scott called THE COLOR WHEEL "sly, daring, genuinely original, and at times perversely brilliant." LA Weekly's Phil Coldiron said, "Perry and Altman's thousand-word-a-minute stream of zingers, delivered in their beautifully paired voices (she's the bass, he's the treble), is more purely entertaining than anything Sorkin or Mamet has ever written." Mubi's Ignatiy Vishnevetsky put it succinctly: "the cinema of the future, I hope."

Still unconvinced? Check out this amazing promo video documenting audience response to the film!

THE COLOR WHEEL plays on Saturday, Aug. 4th, 1:30pm, & Sunday, Aug. 5th, 4:45pm, at Ritz! (Sam Prime)


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