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The Christmas beers are disappearing fast at Lamar!

Sierra Nevada Celebration is already done for the season and we're on our last keg of Coffee Porter. We're also going to have to wait until next year for another taste of Boulevard Nutcracker and Deschutes Jubelale unless, like me, you've stocked up at home. I don't know about you but I thought this year's Jubelale was particularly good.

However, we have enough kegs of Anchor Christmas to keep us going for another few weeks and we'll have Sierra Celebration bottles too until they run out. And best of all, the empty Celebration tap means that we've been able to hook up that keg of Real Ale Lost Gold IPA that we've been holding back. For me, Lost Gold was the best beer of 2009 and several months of sitting in our walk-in cooler has just added to the flavour. I only wish that we had a dozen more kegs of it. If they ain't got Lost Gold in heaven I ain't a-goin'.

A winter beer more than a strictly Christmas beer - Old Foghorn barley wine is on tap and will be for a few more months.

The other good news is that Phoenixx Double ESB is just around the corner. I'm already in line with glass in hand for a pint of that one. Cheers!

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