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The Alamo Says a Proper Goodbye to GUIDING LIGHT

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Alright, I'm gonna go right ahead and say this: I don't watch soap operas. In fact, I don't believe I've ever sat through an entire episode of a soap, even while I was sick at home during elementary school and that was the only thing on TV. I do, however, love television and all aspects of television, and while I may not watch them, I absolutely respect soap operas as a genre. These are shows that are shot daily, they have their own award shows, and their actors look like real people (sometimes!). What I'm saying is this: No matter how ridiculous or dramatic or nonsensical you think this show is, you've got to give up some god damn respect for a show that's been running FOR 73 YEARS! For. Real.

Guiding Light is the longest continuously produced television show in history (even listed in the Guinness Book). It began in 1937 on the radio as a 15 minute soap, and then made the move to television in the 1950s, continuing as a 15 minute show and then becoming what it is today, an hour long soap. The show has for years followed several families at its core: the Bauers, the Spauldings, and the Coopers, as well as others who have come and gone during the shows long 73 year history.

Currently, the show is home to a storyline that has garnered much attention and a large invested fan base, the pairing of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera as a couple. This has been a story told in the grand soap tradition, start as enemies, become friends and then the slow realization that their feelings had blossomed into something more. The story has unfolded over nearly 2 years, and as it has gained momentum, it has gained fans across the world.

Unfortunately, not even this pairing and its legions of fans could save the show from cancellation and CBS decided on April 1st that Guiding Light would cease airing on September 18th. So, we wish to say farewell to this epic show in grand Alamo fashion! We are having this event as a way to bring the fans together for one last night. We will be offering a special menu developed in honor of Olivia and Natalia’s love. So please come out and join us for this amazing historical television show.

Like all of our TV at the Alamo parties, you can purchase a $5 voucher that is good towards your food and beverage cost, or you can push your luck and get a free ticket at the box office the night of this show. If I were you, I'd stick with the voucher, otherwise the parking lot is gonna be it's own little drama fest on Friday night.

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