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The transformation situation

All the pieces are beginning to fall into place.

The transformation situation

Every day brings new changes to the interior of what was once the Rave Cityplace 14, whether it's new wallpaper or the building of a bar or a former concession stand that's been turned into a concierge station. Our construction crew has been transforming the venue into Kalamazoo's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema -- and it's been fascinating to watch.


Inside each theater, workers are applying numeric labels to the seats to let the servers know who is sitting where. At Alamo, you'll be buying a specific seat instead of sitting in any place that's available. It guarantees you the best possible location in the theater while making it easier for your server to find you.

Some of the old Rave interior design will be preserved and freshened up. but most of it will be gone. Wallpaper is being installed to change the tone of the theater hallways, and the awnings that used to hang over each theater entrance are being taken down.

Your Alamo experience doesn't have to end when the movie is over. We'll have a lounge area available near the front of the theater where you can enjoy a drink while discussing the sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki, or wondering what Walt Disney really thought about P.L. Travers.

By the way, the movies you see on our recently installed box office signs are not what we will be showing when we open in November. What movies do you want to see at Alamo Drafthouse in the next few months?



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