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The Lone Structure - A South Lamar Update

A short tour around the Alamo South Lamar building reveals a different picture of what is to come. 

The Lone Structure - A South Lamar Update

Pretty much all the photos I’ve been sharing here have been taken from the roof of the Alamo South Lamar theater building. As a result I’ve been only visually representing everything but the Alamo Drafthouse. But this time I decided to go on the ground to give a better representation of what the lone structure on the site looks like. Consider this post more of a “street view” impression of the theater and its surroundings right now. Be sure to select the images to see higher resolution photos (click here for high res photo of this post's banner image, a view of the South Lamar theater from South Lamar Blvd).

First, here are a couple of pictures of the infamous building three, which will share structural elements with the Alamo and will need to get to a certain stage before work on the new theaters, lobby and Highball can begin. The first shot is a look at progress on the shared wall, while the second shot is a look at the construction of the building as seen from the back (west side) of the theater.

Now let’s take a tour around the theater building itself.  The first shot here is of the old lobby. The blank wall you see there is where the mural used to be. That corner where the mural wall runs to the right is where the hallway to the theaters begins. This space will eventually be where the new theaters are going to be built.

Walking towards the left hand corner of the building as you see it in the shot above, and then turning around, we have the view you see below. To our immediate left will be the new theaters, then just beyond that the new lobby, and then next to that the Highball. Judging from the plans I’ve seen, that stack of orange building supplies will be approximately where the lobby/Highball will be located.

Turning around from there we see the east side of the building. The door you see there is the emergency exit for theater 2. This wall also features some pretty bold graffiti.

The image below is of the south side of the theater. This is where the service entrances are. The door to the far left of the wall here is the emergency exit to theater 3.    

Looking to our left from the image above, we can see the back side of the theater. As it was before construction started, this area is mainly used now for parking. The on-site offices of the construction crew are also in this area. Walking directly ahead (towards the tractor to the left of the image) would bring us to the view in the second shot of building three at the top of this post.

Finally, here is a wide angled shot of the construction of building 2 as seen from Treadwell. In the distance on the right you can see the theater.


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