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Sweet Smell of Progress

Welcome back to Central Avenue for our latest pre-Alamo peek. 

Sweet Smell of Progress

You've seen our exterior before, but you've never seen it look this good. Thanks to a fresh pave around our perimeter (yesterday!) Alamo Yonkers glimmers and shimmers.  Almost ready for its close up, indeed. 

Roxul is our word of the day, folks. Our halls are lined with the stuff, and soon our walls will be too (literally.) Tiny, glass-like particles are clumped together in sheets and applied to every inch of the place by hand, insulating and crystallizing velvety sounds thumping from behind our screen and throughout the theater for maximum effect. 

Taking all precautions to seal out the rest of the world (and sounds throughout the theater) we're raising extra-thick walls so our buddy Ruxel (Ruxel Crowe?) can work its magic.  

And while we're on the theme of sound, allow me to quote the immortal words of Wu-Tang and implore you to check out our gravel pit. This will actually become what’s known as a “grease interceptor” and will catch sticky kitchen leftovers for pick-up and removal.  

While we're outside, I present you with a brand new "hardcore" (that's a direct quote from our construction manager) transformer, courtesy of Con Edison.  Rumor has it they swiped this for us from another project, so our hats are off for this special favor.  All of our power will be routed from here to circuit boxes to electric boards throughout the building.  

This is quite possibly my favorite engineering component of the building so far, and not just because it looks like a mountain.  This is a make-up air unit (MAU) and it’s on its way to the roof.  While exhaust fans suck out stale kitchen air and the like, these babies will provide fresh air circulation.  Without them, our ears would never stop popping, and we would be very, very miserable. 

This is the state of affairs in our kitchen-to-be. That lucky wall will smell the likes of our grill (to the left) and pizza station (to the right) one day soon. In the meantime, we're installing steel and hood vents to remove carbon monoxide and hot air. 

And what kind of a tour would this be without another imaginary beer? But seriously, our bar is well on its way! The two cylinders on the left will run all of our beer lines to the freezer so that our first sip is as refreshing as possible.  It’s almost summer after all, and we hear that Westchester is thirsty.


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