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Surprise! Christopher Lloyd joins us at the BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Feast!

Last Sunday, a theater full of deeply devoted nostalgists/adventurers hunkered down for one of the greatest film trilogies of our lifetimes: the BACK TO THE FUTURE saga, presented by Fantastic Fest.

We had gorgeous new 35mm prints...we had a delicious 6-course feast...we had three (!!) Deloreans parked out in front of the Ritz...

It was beautiful.

But, in the tradition of the great scientific pioneers of yesteryear, we were compelled to reach out further into unexplored territory. We needed something spectacular to make the event absolutely unforgettable.

Then, at 11:31 AM, a fourth Delorean pulled up by the curb. The passenger door opened -- vertically, of course -- and out stepped Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. Here's the News 8 Live footage of that incredible moment!

Mr. Lloyd introduced the event and followed Part 1 with a Q&A, where he casually expanded on the BTTF universe and made everyone wish he was a member of their family. People were genuinely overwhelmed, giving him a standing ovation.

But, oddly enough, he wasn't in the room during the following segment from BACK TO THE FUTURE III, where his on-screen son "Vern" does something very unusual when he thinks no one is watching:

Anyway, it was a perfect journey through time for everyone in attendance. View our Flickr photo set HERE (all pics by Mary Sledd), and watch for the upcoming Alamo Don't Talk message from Christopher Lloyd, soon to grace our screens. In the meantime, keep an eye on for additional outrageousness!


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