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Stuntman - Filmmaker - Actor - Superhuman: GARY KENT celebrated at The Ritz June 7!

Austin's most incredible cinematic creator/destroyer at The Ritz...on his birthday!

Stuntman - Filmmaker - Actor - Superhuman: GARY KENT celebrated at The Ritz June 7!

Unseen psycho-supernatural epic THE Terror Tuesday: THE THRILL KILLERS

Both with local legend Gary Kent LIVE! - Tues June 7 - Ritz

You may not be immediately familiar with the name Gary Kent. But if you've ever enjoyed a two-fisted biker film, gritty western, chilling horror movie or monocle-spinning action-explosion, you've been exposed to his talents. Though he's been Austinite for the past decade or two, Gary spent his reckless years (which are practically all of 'em) throwing fireballs, dangling from precipices, and creating some of the most memorable, powerful works the film industry would ever unleash. And he's just about the best human being in the world, to boot.

June 7th is Gary Kent's birthday, and we're fixing to honor him to the utmost with a double feature of his finest works, both on and behind the camera:

THE PYRAMID (1975) - 7 PM - $5

Unseen since its initial release! An extremely rare screening of his paranormal cosmic maelstrom masterpiece.

In this earth-shakeing reality-wrecker, a troubled reporter decides to exit the World We Know, and enters a forbidden universe of psychic powers, spectral supernature, firewalking, witchery and the unstoppable power of The Pyramid! From Brian De Palma to Monte Hellman to Ray Dennis Steckler, Gary Kent worked with some of the most talented icons in and out of Hollywood. His film captures all of the creativity, occult insanity and social upheaval of its era and catapults it into eternity.

A one-of-a-kind show honoring a deeply impressive creator, and a crucial screening that will go down in Alamo history!

Terror Tuesday: THE THRILL KILLERS (1964) - 10 PM - $1

Though Terror Tuesday rarely strays beyond the comfortable confines of ‘70s & ‘80s horror, this special 1964 tribute screening to actor/author/stuntman/director/living legend Gary Kent contains all the sleaze, rage and murder that would characterize drive-in movies for the next three decades.

THE THRILL KILLERS was impossibly ahead of its time in telling the heartless, blades-n’-bullets tale of three criminal scumtanks who take a rural community hostage. Slashed throats, severed heads and hate-soaked dialogue transform the seemingly safe post-war America into a hope-free survival zone. Though director Steckler takes the lead on screen, the most vicious member of his bloodthirsty crew is played by tonight’s guest, Gary Kent.

In reality, he’s the friendliest and most productive man you’ll ever meet. But on screen, he’ll grab a pair of pliers, pull out your teeth and eat ‘em, just because he doesn’t like your haircut. And he doesn’t, so wear a hat to this show or we’re not responsible for what happens

...That's two outrageous shows with an incredible man for a grand total of...SIX BUCKS! Get your tickets now, or forever regret your tragically poor judgment. GARY KENT FOREVER!!!


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