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SPRING BREAKERS, Our First Drafthouse Recommends title, comes to the RItz March 22!!

The only place in Austin to catch Harmony Korine's audacious, original movie is at the Alamo.

SPRING BREAKERS, Our First Drafthouse Recommends title, comes to the RItz March 22!!

The Alamo Drafthouse is proud to launch a new kind of series. Starting in March we will be bringing you Drafthouse Recommends.

We at the Alamo love movies and, like all movie lovers, we have strong opinions about them. Now we’re making our views known with Drafthouse Recommends. Every month or so we’ll spotlight a first-run movie with our stamp of approval to indicate that we love it and want everyone to go see it.

We aim to highlight groundbreaking, innovative and intelligent films we believe deserve to be seen by as many people as possible. So, if you're in the market for a movie that will leave you thinking and talking about it long after the credits are over, look for a Drafthouse Recommends selection.

The movie we have decided to kick off Drafthouse Recommends with is Harmony Korine's audacious, original SPRING BREAKERS.  There’s not much you can say about this movie that will/should make any logical sense.

It’s written and directed by visionary American director/writer Harmony Korine (GUMMO, MISTER LONELY) whose films shed a rare light on America’s dysfunctional, nihilistic, and sociopathic population. His work is difficult to digest and even harder to ignore. Korine’s latest, SPRING BREAKERS, feels decidedly different than anything the filmmaker has ever done. For us at the Drafthouse, it's the most anticipated movie so far this year.

The story follows four college girls who want to get away from their empty dorm during spring break. The problem is they have no money. After robbing a restaurant the girls go off to hit the beach and live the spring break of their dreams. There the cops bust them, but luckily a local gangster, Alien (James Franco), is there to bail ‘em out and make the girls part of his entourage.

Korine uses the colorful backdrop of spring break to juxtapose the ugliness lying underneath it all. His film boldly marries entertainment, art, social commentary and stylized action. The result is crazy, original, toxic, and mind blowing.

For the first week of its release on March 22 the Alamo Ritz will be the only place to catch SPRING BREAKERS! Take our word for it and get your tickets now.

And don't forget to look for Drafthouse Recommends titles in the future. (R.J. LaForce)


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