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Spoiler Alert: She’s Dead!  Fantastic Fest strikes again


"Skirts the edge without going over, and judging from the raucous reception, twisted auds clearly do exist for such blatantly 'wrong' material." -Variety

"Teenagers face unique psychological and physiological disruptions that are ripe for tales of horror...DEADGIRL mines the recesses of the hormone-wracked mind to create one of the most original American horror films in recent memory." -Rodney Perkins, Fantastic Fest

One of Fantastic Fest 2008's most well-attended and controversial films returns for a special limited engagement at The Alamo!  Exploring an abandoned sanatorium while ditching school, two high school burnouts discover a seemingly incapacitated girl strapped to a gurney in a secluded chamber. As time passes, the teens make a series of questionable decisions that put them, their friends and the audience itself on the spot. Debut directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento craft a new breed of teen angst drama set against a backdrop of humor black enough to make John Hughes retreat to a fetal state.

Director Marcel Sarmiento in attendance on July 24!

Get tickets here.

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