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Slaughter Lane Update: We Like the Environment!

Some environmentally friendly updates about the theater, and a quick theater walkthrough!

Slaughter Lane Update: We Like the Environment!

Hey y'all 

We're quickly approaching 2012, which means the theater is coming together pretty quickly! We're definitey still several months away, but that time will fly by! 

Theaters are framed and drywalled, seats are ordered, interior designs are being signed off on!

We have some "environmentally-friendly" updates for you guys. For the dudes: All of our urinals will not use any non-customer-generated water!  Our head architect Richard Weiss told me that our lighting calculations will beat the city energy requirements by over 20%. All of our paints and stains are low VOC. Also, we are tracking all of our construction waste in order to maximize recycling opportunities and minimize landfill waste.

Henri Mazza, our Chief Creative Officer, did a quick walkthrough of the current state of the theater. It all looks a little construction-y right now, but this will give you some sort of idea of the size of the place (HUGE). Spoilers: he walks past the bar structure, to the left into what I believe will be theater one. Pretty exciting stuff! 



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