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Seek Refuge At The Drafthouse And Catch TAKE SHELTER This Friday!

Don't miss this unforgettable performance from one of Hollywood's greatest underrated actors currently working, Michael Shannon!

Seek Refuge At The Drafthouse And Catch TAKE SHELTER This Friday!

I cannot stress how incredible Jeff Nichols' TAKE SHELTER is -- you must see it for yourself. I saw the film back in January at Sundance and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

TAKE SHELTER questions dreams, faith, and trust, and challenges paranoia, fear, and anxiety. Curtis LaForche (the always dynamic Michael Shannon) is living a fairly good life. He has a roof over his head, a good job as a crew chief for a sand mining company, a loving wife named Samantha (THE TREE OF LIFE's Jessica Chastain), and an adorable young daughter named Hannah (Tova Stewart). The only hiccup in their road is Hannah's disability. She's recently become deaf, and while Curtis' health insurance at his new job hasn't kicked in just yet, she needs a cochlear implant.

When we first meet Curtis, he’s having strange dreams. They start with a wicked storm where the rain resembles motor oil.  Bad things happen and Curtis wakes up screaming from real physical pain. Each dream gets progressively worse. Are they predicting the end of the world? Appearing so undeniably real, Curtis starts to confuse real life with the dream world. These nightmares haunt and eat away at him. As paranoia starts to take a toll, he decides to build a living quarters underground -- risking his job security, marriage, and friends.

Here's what some of the top film critics had to say about TAKE SHELTER:

The movie makes you uncomfortable, but in a good way. Nichols has turned the current moment of American unease into a powerful metaphor. - David Denby, The New Yorker

Here is a frightening thriller based not on special effects gimmicks but on a dread that seems quietly spreading in the land: that the good days are ending, and climate changes or other sinister forces will sweep away our safety. - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

This movie played me like a fiddle. A quivering, covering-my-eyes-because-the-movie's-too-scary baby-shaped fiddle. - Matt Singer,

TAKE SHELTER opens this Friday at South Lamar and you can buy your tickets here. Go see it, go see it, go see it!



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