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See a super rare 35mm screening of A GOOFY MOVIE this Monday!

It's part of our Big Kids Camp series!

See a super rare 35mm screening of A GOOFY MOVIE this Monday!

If you're an Alamo regular, you may think you have a handle on my movie preferences. As the guy who curates the local programming in Houston, you could take a look at the films that show up on our theaters' calendars and think you have me pegged - "Oh, Robert's the horror guy" or "Robert is nut for '80s action films." These things are all true but I like to think of myself as a multifaceted movie fan who still has some surprises up his sleeve. This Monday we're screening one of my favorite films - A GOOFY MOVIE.

That's right, I said A GOOFY MOVIE. I'm not embarrassed - there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure. It's either a pleasure or or isn't. 

Released in 1995, this theatrical big screen cartoon served as a sequel of sorts to the 1992 animated series GOOF TROOP. I didn't really watch GOOF TROOP so I have no idea how Goofy ended up a single parent or best friends with Pete, longtime Disney nogoodnik. When I somehow stumbled upon A GOOFY MOVIE soemtime after its initial home video release, though, I fell in love. And it really was love at first sight. At first glance, the movie is your traditional '90s Disney animated musical in a lot of ways - there are a ton of silly sight gags, there are a lot of pop-infused musical numbers (Powerline for life!) and there's a requisite lesson learned by the main characters. But one view and I think you'll agree that there's something else bubbling just below the surface. 

For this film, that's Max, son of Goofy, who learns the requisite lessons. It's in these lessons (manditory in all family films) that I found something so dang compelling. A GOOFY MOVIE is more than an attempt to market a few toys, bedsheets and toothbrushes. I'm sure it's that too but it's also an amazingly earnest film and its lesson is very simple - love your dad. As the son of Goofy, Max is often embarrassed by his dad's antics. He's a walking, talking pratfall and for a kid in high school trying to impress the pretty girl, the temptation to pretend his dad doesn't exist is strong. We've all been at that age - where our parents, their values or their smothering embrace become embarrassing. Eventually we get old enough to realize how big of a jerk we're being and how much we love our parents but that journey is such a universal story and it makes perfect sense to tell it through the prism of a Disney cartoon!

I've found that it's often our most beloved films that are difficult to talk about. The more you love a film the harder it is to talk about without sounding like an idiot. I could wax poetic about this film for hours and hours on end but I could never be completely sure I was effectively getting my thoughts across. My love for this film is as much a part of me as my love for my thumb or my hair - I could no sooner explain why I love this movie than I could explain why I love a good afternoon nap - I just do.

So come and join me for a super rare 35mm screening of A GOOFY MOVIE on Monday, August 18 at Vintage Park. I'll try my best to get across why I love this movie and hopefully you won't look at me like I'm some kind of crazed lunatic while I do so. At the very least, I guarantee we'll have a good time.

This is part of our Big Kids Camp series - which means we're loosening our rules a bit. Cell phones and conversations are still outlawed but if you want to sing along with some of the songs, we'll let you. If you want to get up on stage and show off how you know "The Perfect Cast," we'll let you do that too. We just want you to leave your adult baggage at the door and enjoy this movie for what it is - an amazing heart-warming story about a Goof and his son with, for my money, the single best soundtrack of any '90s cartoon. Word. 

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