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Second MYSTERY TEAM with Derrick Comedy Live show added this Friday!!

BIG NEWS! Second show added Friday night with (most of) Derrick Comedy Live in person to continue the assault! Last show sold out fast, don't miss out on this one!

Unfortunately director Dan Ekman and producer Meggie McFaddon will need to leave town on Friday, but the three stars of the film will be in the theater to present you with live moral-pithing madness!

Who's gonna be there?

DC Pierson (The Boy Genius and this lucky guy!)
Dominic Deirkes (The Strongest Kid in Town and The Keyboard Kid!)
Donald Glover (The Master of Disguise, writer for 30 Rock and Kevin!)

We've been watching Derrick Comedy videos on YouTube for years...along with 100,000,000 other people. It started out as simply as "oh man, you gotta see this" and exploded into one of the biggest phenomenons on the web. Their odd brand of social humor, which traverses topics as diverse as head trauma to racisim, always keeps us coming back for more. And MYSTERY TEAM is as more as we could hope for.

The film premiered at Sundance to almost preternaturally good reviews...

"MYSTERY TEAM is incredibly well written... It's funnier and more original than 99% of the comedies Hollywood releases now-a-days. At very least, the film will develop a cult following. But I have a feeling that Derrick Comedy is on the edge of becoming huge."
- Peter Sciretta,

"I thought that the Derrick Comedy team's short film background would lead to a movie that was lacking cohesion and just a series of sketches, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Watching this movie I couldn't help but think that I was seeing the future of film comedy stretching its legs and warming up."
- Devin Faraci,

On the surface, this throwback to Encyclopedia Brown seems a little too innocent to merit an R rating, but then you watch about five more minutes. It's R alright, in the best way imaginable. And it's the innocence of the three lovable members of the Mystery Team that makes the film so goddamn'd good. Still living on the fumes of their 7th grade detective glory, these now-mature man-childs embark on their first real case, to track down a murderer.

Get your tickets here!

Learn more and watch videos (seriously, watch the videos) at

MYSTERY TEAM opens for a full run at the Ritz on August 28

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