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A Rockin’ New Monthly Series in Yonkers

We're teaming up with Clockwork Records for a monthly series of music movies!

A Rockin’ New Monthly Series in Yonkers

Joining forces with Clockwork Records, we bring to you Rock Movies, a monthly series that will showcase the intersection of film and music. The series will kick off on Tuesday, January 28 with URGH! A MUSIC WAR, the concert film featuring Devo, Dead Kennedys, X and more, recorded in France in 1980. Following that will be LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS on Monday, February 24 and a 30th anniversary screening of REPO MAN on Tuesday, March 25.

Clockwork Records is a new and growing independent record store located in Hastings on Hudson, and already has an enthusiastic community surrounding it.

“As a fan of left-of-center music and film, we've always believed the two to be tied at the hip, especially for a generation of people who grew up going to independent cinemas and stores in NYC. It’s nice that Manhattan’s Northern neighbors will have a slice of that brought to their doorstep. We look forward to promoting the upcoming series of films that we think will reach both old fans and younger people who may have heard about the films but will finally get the experience of viewing them in the theater” said Clockwork Records owner Mike James.

Alamo programmer Cristina Cacioppo stated “I’ve been eager to show these great movies that are music-focused, and knew that it would require a partnership that would reach the music lovers in the area. Clockwork Records is such an amazing shop, so I was glad when Mike was as enthusiastic about collaborating as I was.”

The series will continue monthly with more titles to be announced, and including a variety of documentaries and narrative features. Tickets for each screening will go on sale two weeks before the show date.


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