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FAKE IT SO REAL Exposes Professional Wrestling - and It’s Suprisingly Awesome

We welcome filmmaker Robert Greene to the Ritz to show his wrestling documentary FAKE IT SO REAL.  You will not want to miss this.

FAKE IT SO REAL Exposes Professional Wrestling - and It’s Suprisingly Awesome

We’re thrilled to be presenting two new works from one of the most vibrant and perceptive filmmakers working today, the documentarian Robert Greene.  I’ve already written at length about his film KATI WITH AN I, a poignant portrait of fading youth.  That film plays Sunday, August 14.  His follow-up feature, the brand new FAKE IT SO REAL, plays the following Monday and Tuesday.

FAKE IT SO REAL takes as its subject a small town troupe of amateur “professional wrestlers.”  In rural North Carolina, the Millennium Wrestling Federation has carved out a niche as a destination for weekly grappling with a healthy side of drama.  Every Saturday, the men of MWF put on epic performances of gymnastics and overblown theatrics – the spectacle is beautiful and distinctly American as a ballet of violence and ego.

What they lack in the beauty and fitness associated with the pros, they more than make up for in broken bones and chronic physical afflictions (not to mention bravado).   Here are a group of men,noticeably past their primes, who spend every moment of their free time developing their abilities in the ring and working out the fabulous and ridiculous storylines that make up their shows.

It is this perfect storm of dedication and desperation that makes FAKE IT SO REAL an important American film.  At its core, this is a film about ambitious people who refuse to give up hope despite the huge odds against them.  It is about regular people who have found a passion and devote every ounce of themselves to it, even if it is killing them.

In its open depiction of the crew of fighters, FAKE IT SO REAL is neither judgmental nor cruel – instead, it chronicles their behemoth triumphs and abysmal failings with a sensitivity that will leave you endeared.  It played in New York last month and melted a crowd of cynical hipsters.  It will hopefully do the same here.

FAKE IT SO REAL plays Monday August 15 and Tuesday August 16 at 7pm at the Ritz. The director Robert Greene will be live to teach us all about the world of professional wrestling.

After you see this movie, you're going to have a new favorite sport.  And you can get your fill at Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Texas' best independent wrestling troupe.  They'll be giving away 2 pairs of tickets at each show to their Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2011 event on August 21 at the Mohawk. 

Greene will also be here to present his previous feature, KATI WITH AN I, on Sunday night.


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