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Reserve your seat now for the BCS National Championship at the Alamo

UT Football hook em -web1Worse than the longing we feel during the off-season is the endless month between the conference finals and the BCS bowl games...especially when your team's in the National Championship game, it's absolute torture.  But after the Longhorn's performance against Nebraska, they may need the time even if we don't want it.  So, Mack, use it wisely.

Or maybe the close-call with Corneaters or whatever was all part of Mack Brown's diabolical master plan.  Now we're the underdog, and God favors the underdog, always has.  It makes for better ratings.  Plus, if there's one thing Mack Brown loves more than anything else, it's making people choke on their own words.  We were predicted to lose back in 2005 too- I bet those words tasted like Vegemite and Swedish Bitters, but I wouldn't know 'cause I'm on Mack's side.  No predictions here, just support for my team.  And my team is, and always will be, the Texas Longhorns.

Last time Texas was in the National Championship, we didn't show ANY movies at the Alamo.  Every single screen at South Lamar, Village and Downtown was tuned into the game, every theater a sea of burnt orange bliss.  It really is a great place to watch the action.  Surrounded by superfans, everyone has an incredible view from a cushy seat, there's a great selection of beer, burgers, nachos, you name it.  Plus, you don't have to get up...for ANYTHING!  Plus plus, this year both Lamar and Village have new 4K digital projectors, so not only will the game be HUGE, but also HI DEF!

The game is free, but the smart thing to do is reserve a seat by purchasing a $5 food & beverage voucher.  They all sold out in advance in '05, don't miss out!

Hook 'em.


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