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Report From Fantastic Fest Days Six And Seven!

Machine guns, Metallica and karaoke apocalypse.

Report From Fantastic Fest Days Six And Seven!

It's the last day of Fantastic Fest and we're all feeling really bittersweet. It's been a remarkable week, hasn't it, my friends? Thank goodness we still have the closing night party tonight to bond, reminisce and start looking forward to Fantastic Fest 2014. 

But first! Let's reflect on the past couple of days, shall we?

We took Fantastic Festers out for a machine gun adventure because it's Texas, okay? (photos by Jack Plunkett)

We also had a screening of METALLICA THROUGH THE NEVER, with Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo and director Nimród Antal in attendance, and it was hugely well-received. The movie's a combo of rock doc and horror film, a perfect fit for Fantastic Fest. (Photos by Arnold Wells, video by Arts + Labor)

Last night we also had the Doug Benson Movie Interruption of THE RUNDOWN, which was a huge blast and a great way to start wrapping up the fest. (photos by Arnold Wells)

And we capped off the night with our annual Karaoke Apocalypse party, where our brave singers are backed by a live band in the theater! The night was filled with metal and punk in honor of the METALLICA doc, and it got pretty rowdy. 

And tonight's the closing party in honor of Terry Gilliam's ZERO THEOREM and the Danger Gods stunt show - as always, we'll be live-tweeting from @fantasticfest, so tune in! And meet us back here tomorrow for the final day's report, and lots more goodness from the fest will be released over the coming days. 


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