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RARE EXPORTS Photo Shoot a Yuletide Success!

We had so much fun last weekend with our RARE EXPORTS photo shoot. In honor of the opening of the most badass, downright fantastic Santa-sploitation film ever, we captured our own Santa and held him hostage, and our patrons were able to get their very special Santa photo in the lobby!

There are plenty of pictures on our Facebook page to check out, and if you were lucky enough to have been snapped, you'll be able to download the pics or tag yourself in one of the albums. There are two albums from Friday, here and here, and you can check out Saturday's pictures here.

And while you missed the chance to get your photo taken with our Feral Santa, you can still see the movie that inspired it, RARE EXPORTS. This movie is awesome, a great fantasy-horror film that will surely become part of your Christmas tradition.

We're only playing it through Tuesday, so you've got to hurry to the theatre this weekend to see it! Don't miss RARE EXPORTS!

Playing at Lamar for select screenings, RARE EXPORTS!


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