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Rally with Jon Stewart at the Alamo

Alamo Village and Lake Creek will be hosting the Rally to Restore Sanity on 10.30.10.

From the moment Jon Stewart announced the pre-announcement to his announcement, we knew something big was about to happen and now that we all know what it is, we invite you to join us on 10.30.10 for this historic event.  This is not the event that you want to watch at home alone.  It is the type of experience best shared with other like minded folks and with a drink in your hand.  For everyone who wants to celebrate sanity in a rally atmosphere but doesn't have the time or money to fly out to Washingion D.C. this weekend, we have some very rational options.  You can choose to restore sanity over mimosas and brunch at one of two Alamo locations.   The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Simulcast will be screening at both the Alamo Village and Lake Creek locations.

Tickets to these screenings will be free, but you can reserve your seat by purchasing a $5 food and drink voucher redeemable towards your check at the show that day.  Vouchers are now available here.

If you feel like your rally time would best be spent outdoors, also check out The Austin Satellite Rally!


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