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Raise a glass and celebrate Repeal Day

It's Repeal Day! On December 5, 1933, the Prohibition on selling and consuming alcohol in the United States was repealed. Needless to say, there was a big party. On 74 years later, December 5, we are keeping the party going with two great "Repeal Day" events:

First is a "prohibition" themed Dionysium, the premiere "thinkin' man's" drinking club in Austin. The night will feature toasts, readings, a debate on whether prohibition should be reinstated, live music and plenty of complimentary "toasting" throughout the show. Read more on the Dionysium here or get tickets here.

After the Dionysium, we are featuring a live music set by Austin's own White Ghost Shivers, self-described as smorgasbord of Cab Calloway, circus sideshow, KISS, cabaret, Hee Haw and Robert Johnson served up at Andy Kaufman's bat-mitzvah. A joyous mixture of the absurd and sublime, the eight-piece ensemble gracefully blends a musical amalgam of Hokum Blues, Hillbilly Swing, Country and Hot Jazz.

Following the music, we move on to the James Cagney Original Gangster Classic THE PUBLIC ENEMY, depicting the dread horror of Prohibition, and perhaps more importantly how to be Mr. Super Cool 1931-style. If you can't learn how to put some gangster in your lean watching Jimmy Cagney, there's no hope for you.

Then the party moves over to Mugshots, where they will roll out the barrels and we will all have a barrel of fun together at the afterparty, sponsored in part by Dewar's.

Won't you join us? Click here for more info on this show and to buy tickets.

Tickets are available separately for these two events (see links above).

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