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Pull out your Burn Book, we’re showing MEAN GIRLS

Don't hate us because we're popular. Love us because we're screening a special 35mm presentation of MEAN GIRLS this month. We promise to leave the Kalteen Bars off the menu. 

Pull out your Burn Book, we’re showing MEAN GIRLS


MEAN GIRLS, the very witty, very charming high school-set comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, is practically a Petri dish for today’s current crop of entertainers. While in the seven years since the film’s release Lohan has hit a few more chutes than ladders, her young co-stars, a cast of then-relative unknowns, have had careers that have blossomed. Film co-stars Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried practically have the market cornered when it comes to roles for adorable young women.

MEAN GIRLS, for those who may have not seen the film — perhaps out of some misinformed fear that the movie was of the usual air-headed high school comedy variety — stars Lohan as Cady Heron, a teenage girl who has to transition from a life of homeschooling into the cutthroat world of high school girls whose extensive credit card bills are rivaled only by the lengthy list of classmates they’ve backstabbed and snubbed to social death.

Cady’s parents are played by Neil Flynn (the janitor from SCRUBS!) and SNL-veteran Ana Gasteyer. Gasteyer is just the first of many ties MEAN GIRLS shares with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Former SNL head writer and current star of 30 ROCK Tina Fey adapted the script from a non-fiction book titled “Queen Bees and Wannabes” by Rosalind Wiseman. Fey also appears in the movie as Cady’s exasperated teacher — and, naturally, gave herself some of the film’s best lines. SNL creator Lorne Michaels produced the film. Other SNL cast members that pop up in the film include Amy Poehler and Tim Meadows.

It’s the film’s young cast where the movie really shines, though. Besides Lohan, MEAN GIRLS featured future Hollywood stars Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried. Lacey Chabert, the third member of MEAN GIRLS’ vile gang of perfectly manicured and well-dressed bullies may not currently have the spotlight her fellow Plastics are experiencing but she will always be the littlest Party of Fiver so she has that going for her. Plus, she was the original voice of Meg Griffin in FAMILY GUY before being replaced by Mila Kunis.

Other actors who appear in MEAN GIRLS include Daniel DeSanto — one of the original cast members of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? — and winner of the “Why Isn’t She A Bigger Star Yet?” award Lizzy Caplan, of PARTY DOWN fame.

If you enjoy the highly quotable wit of 30 ROCK, remember the bright shining days where Lindsay Lohan seemed destined for greatness and have a high tolerance for early ’00s pop songs, isn’t it time you rewatch MEAN GIRLS. But why watch it at home alone with a bowl of microwave popcorn? That’s something the Plastics would tear you apart for if they found out. Instead, come to the Alamo Drafthouse and watch the film with a theater full of fellow movie fans!

We’ve got an original 35mm print of the film and will be screening it as part of our Girlie Night series. Just because you have a Y chromosome doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to come, though. Admission is $6 for everybody — after all, guys enjoy high school comedies as much as girls do even if they don’t want to admit it.

So make your way down to the Alamo for a special one-night only screening of MEAN GIRLS. Just remember: At your age, you're going to have a lot of urges. You're going to want to take off your clothes, and touch each other. But if you do touch each other, you WILL get chlamydia... and die.

Tuesday, September 6 @ 7 PM — Mason Park


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