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Pssst.. You should nominate us for Moviefone’s Favorite Theater Award!

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We're not much for begging for awards and nominations. I mean, you guys show up to our movies and events and have a great time, so we're pretty confident that you like us. And we don't think we're being too arrogant when we say that there aren't other many theaters that do what we do. These are things we know. But damn it, it means so much more when you say it! We can't help it. We love the attention!

That being said, Moviefone is having their Moviegoers' Choice Award contest right now. They're asking you guys to nominate your favorite theater in Austin (or whatever city you live in - we're assuming that's Austin). However, a simple vote won't do. You gotta tell 'em why you think we're pretty great. They're using something called SEED, which we've never heard of, but it seems legit. It also gives you a chance to tell them your favorite Alamo event, story, food, whatever.

The other thing about SEED is that they need a specific theater, with an address and everything. So, if you were to vote for us, consider using the Alamo S. Lamar address (1120 S. Lamar Blvd, Austin, Tx 78704). It's okay if your Alamo experiences are at a different Alamo, but we think narrowing it down to one store will prevent us from accidentally splitting the vote.

So yeah, consider nominating us if you would. We'll consider providing you with more awesome things to do and see. Okay, we're past the considering phase - we're already doing that. Things like opening a new Austin store (Circle C), launching a website that's going to make navigating A BILLION times easier (seriously - it's pretty great), and providing signature programming and free screenings whenever possible.

After all, according to Charlie Sheen, it's all about winning.

Because we won't get to see the nomination entries, let us know what your favorite Alamo memories are in the comments below. Also, read Tim League's favorites here! We really do love and appreciate all the support you guys give us - so thank you.

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