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Cinema Cocktails presents PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters + lavish musical sequences + handcrafted cocktails! 

Cinema Cocktails presents PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

"I must say that the people who get the movie, in general, have been wise and intelligent; the people who don't get it are ignorant scum." - Steve Martin on PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

I think few could argue about how great THE JERK is, the pairing of Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters seemed like a match made in heaven, and the overwhelming joy of that ukulele scene on the beach will make even the hardest of hearts melt.

Well guess what? These two made a second movie together! For Steve Martin's second role he decided to take on a musical drama in Herbert Ross's (Funny Girl, Footloose) PENNIES FROM HEAVEN and you can see it with custom cocktails at Ritz on 2/4 & 2/6. Buy tickets here

Martin stars as an unsuccessful sheet music salesman who embarks on a sordid affair with a beautiful school teacher. The twists and turns along the way are far too tragic to spoil, but this dramatic musical is a complicated piece of dazzling spectacle and heart-wrenching drama. It's a stylized Depression-era piece where the characters escape into their imaginations and use popular songs of the time to express their inner longings for sex, money, and romance.

If the allure of brightly colored, lavish musical sequences starring some of your favorite performers accompanied by custom, handcrafted (and delicious) cocktails aren't enough for you, maybe the sight of Christopher Walken as a pimp strip/tap-dancing to Cole Porter's "Let's Misbehave" will get you to the theater. We're only showing this 35mm once so grab your tickets now before it's too late! 


The Sidecar: Some say this mixture of brandy, orange liqueur and lemon is the best thing to come out of prohibition.  If you want your world to be a little sweeter, order it with a sugared rim.

Better Than Gin and Lemonade: Totally doesn’t taste like poison—gin, lemon, sugar, bitters and mint, made long with soda.  Crisp and refreshing, but drink too many and Walken might tap dance all over you.

The White Lady: A classic of the Jazz Age.  Gin, Orange Liqueur and Fresh Lemon, served up and icy cold.  Responsible for the downfall of many a lady, of any hue.





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