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Oh My God, The Trailer For Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND

The latest acquisition from Drafthouse Films gets a trailer, and it's serious. 

Oh My God, The Trailer For Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND

Behold the official UK trailer for Ben Wheatley's A FIELD IN ENGLAND, the latest psychedelic thriller from the Fantastic Fest alum who has written and directed nothing but brilliance in his previous efforts DOWN TERRACEKILL LIST and SIGHTSEERS

Drafthouse Films has nabbed the North American rights to the film, so we can all feel a sense of relief that we'll be able to see this movie as soon as possible. The trailer looks absolutely mad, hellish and hidden and very, very scary. A FIELD IN ENGLAND " follows a group of English Civil War soldiers in the 17th century who are captured by an alchemist and led into a vast mushroom field, where they fall victim to violent and nightmarish forces." And doesn't that sound like something you want to see immediately? 

See the trailer below, and if you haven't yet checked out SIGHTSEERS, it's available on VOD and still in theaters. You'll be glad you found it. Read my review over at Badass Digest here

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