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Now accepting TRON: LEGACY Preshow Submissions!

You guys blew our minds with the Harry Potter preshow ideas. A lot of the stuff we had seen before, but forgotten aboutit (when a movie franchise has been going on for 6+ years, you forget about the early stuff!), some we had never seen before, and some we knew about and just said "Yes!" if someone else posted it.

So now, we ask you to do the same with TRON: LEGACY! What do you want to see while you're carefully pulling your 3D glasses out of their plastic bags and getting giddy about the awesomeness you're about to witness?

Submit your suggestions in the form below! It can be a YouTube link, a clip from a film, or some vague description of something you saw once that may or may not be a good fit! We're open to it all! Submit away! Deadline for submissions is Monday, December 13th!

Here's a video that will definitely be popping up (due to the popularity of the Harry Potter version...)

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